Jason Jowett is the Author of the Alchemy Book Series, available in Paperback and through Google Books.

The original philosophical work was begun in 1998 and the first title 'Versistasis' was completed in 2010. The follow on titles of the series each develop the multi-tier storyline based on new-age developments in religion and science, and based in rich traditions of Christianty, Judaism, the Early Eqyptian, Roman and Nordic societies all with their myths and practices.

Jason is the founder of Horoscorpio™ a business setup to create a Real-Time astrology web and mobile utility, and develop the science of horology for the third world. Additionally Jason is developing another business initiative Democracy Applied, also known as De Democracy. It's a simple but essential tool for voters at election time, to discern policies between members, and opportune news media regarding the efficacy of their candidature.

Jason is a world traveller and at large journeyed throughout Asia and Europe with further trips in Central America and Africa.

Please note due to administrative discrepencies, the Horoscorpio™ brand isn't a registered trademark, despite certain indications and wrongful address as registered.


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World Recognition

The Aspects meditation is video with optional audio. For use for theraputic purposes. Optimum time for use is when readying to relax, or during periods of anxiety to calm oneself down, or prepare for sleep after disruption from travel, lack of physical excercise or dietary alteration.


Horoscorpio bears no responsibility for injury caused as a result of ill-health, drug induced mental conditions or psychological episodes ensuing from & during video use



Author & Entrepreneur

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